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Manufacturer: Carlo Gavazzi
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Carlo Gavazzi

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Carlo Gavazzi
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RF Modules
Carlo Gavazzi
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Wireless Entrapment Protection Device For Industrial Doors ESPE Type WSM / WSS Wireless Entrapment Protection Device for Industrial Doors Input for two ESPE (electro-sensitive protective equipment) Replaces cable between Door controller and ESPE Input for door-in-door sensor Output ESPE: 1 x SPST NC, 1 x SPST NO (8,2k) Output low battery: 1 x SPST NC contact 2,4 GHz duplex communication Built-in antenna IP66 ratings IC Product Description Ordering Key WSM 2 B A 2 D24 Wireless Entrapment Pro- using 2.4 GHz duplex com- Function tection Device (EPD) for munication between the main Main/Sub Controller Industrial Doors. The system controller and sub control- No of channels is designed to replace the ler. The main controller can Mute function connection cable between handle up to 4 sub modules Adjustment the ESPE (electro-sensitive i.e. one system can handle 8 Output protective equipment) and ESPEs. Power supply the door controller. The sub The sub controller is activated controller has input for either by a test signal from the main N.C. ESPE, N.O. 8.2 k ESPE controller and stays active or the Carlo Gavazzi low con- during the period of time set sumption photoelectric ESPE at the main controller up to 80 N.C. contact. The system is seconds. designed for high reliability Type Selection Housing Range Type Ordering no. W x H x D Wireless 75 x 125 x 35 mm 10 m Main Controller WSM 2 B A 2 D24 45 x 214 x 22 mm 10 m Sub Controller WSS 2 B A 2 BAT Housing Range Cable length Type Ordering no. W x H x D S n 11 x 24.5 mm 15 m 2 m Emitter PB 11 CNT 15 WE 11 x 24.5 mm 15 m 12 m Receiver PB 11 CNT 15 WR Specifications Main Controller (WSM) Rated operational volt. (U ) 12 to 24 VAC/DC Indications Main Controller B (-10 +15%) Power supply Green LED ESPE 1 or 2 active 2 x yellow LEDs Ripple (U ) 10% rpp Low Battery Red LED Supply current < 50 mA Channels not synchronized Toggle red & green LED Communication Frequency 2.4 GHz Duplex Test input Number of channels 16 selectable via DIP switch (active high or active low) Selectable via DIP switch Sub Controller live time 10 80 sec. Active high 12-24 V Selectable via DIP-switches Active low 0 V Test impulse time Relay Minimum pulse width > 100 mS ESPE NC SPST Maximum pulse width < 2 sec ESPE NO 8.2 k SPST Low Battery SPST Operating frequency 25 Hz per sub controller 1 A / 30 VDC Response time 0,5 A / 30 VAC OFF-ON (t ) 120 ms ON >100.000 AC11 or DC11 ON-OFF (t ) 120 ms OFF Protection Reverse polarity, transients Specifications are subject to change without notice (09.09.2015) 1 WSM/WSS ... Specifications Main Controller (WSM) (cont.) IC RSS210, RSS GEN, Environmental RSS-102 Installation category III (IEC 60664/60664A IC-ID: 7188C-WSM0001 60947-1) Pollution degree 3 (IEC 60664/60664A CE-marking EN12445, EN12453, 60947-1) EN12978 Degree of protection IP66 Radio Equipment and Rated insulation voltage 50 VDC Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Temperature (R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC Operating Temperature -25 to +55C (-13 to +131F) Low Voltage Directive Storage Temperature -40 to +70C (-40 to +158F) 2006/95/EC Size 75 x 35 x 125 mm Electromagnetic Compatibility Material Directive 2004/108/EC Housing Light Grey ABS Machinery Directive Top Light Grey ABS 2006/42/EC, amended by Weight 230 g Directive 98/79/EC For industrial doors only Approvals cULus UL508 See EN13241-1 FCC port 15 B,C FCC-ID: Y55WSM0001 NOTE: Changes/modifications not approved by Carlo Gavazzi could void the users authority to operate the equipment. Specifications Sub Controller (WSS) Rated operational volt. (U ) 1 to 4 ER14505 3.6 VDC Environmental B size AA Lithium batteries Installation category III (IEC 60664/60664A 2700 mAh 60947-1) Pollution degree 3 (IEC 60664/60664A Supply current < 40 mA 60947-1) Communication Frequency 2.4 GHz Duplex Degree of protection IP66 Number of channels 16 selectable on DIP switch Rated insulation voltage 50 VDC Sub Controller live time 10 80 Sec. Temperature Selectable on DIP-switches Operating Temperature -25 to +55C (-13 to +131F) at the main controller Storage Temperature -40 to +70C (-40 to +158F) ESPE inputs Size 22 x 45 x 214 mm ESPE NC Standard NC ESPE Material ESPE NO 8.2 k Standard NO, 8.2 k Housing Light Grey PC Photoelectric ESPE Carlo Gavazzi Low current Bottom Black PC ESPE PES for wireless Weight 220 g applications Door in door input NC input from Limit Switch Approvals cULus UL508 FCC port 15 B,C Response time FCC-ID: Y55WSM0001 ON OFF-ON (t ) 120 mS IC RSS210, RSS GEN, OFF ON-OFF (t ) 120 mS RSS-102 Wake time after sleep mode 400 mS IC-ID: 7188C-WSM0001 Protection Reverse polarity CE-marking EN12445, EN12453, Indications Sub Controller EN12978 ESPE 1 Yellow LED Radio Equipment and ESPE 2 Yellow LED Telecommunications shines in 20 sec. after a Terminal Equipment short activation on the (R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC pushbutton Low Voltage Directive Test input The submodule wakes up 2006/95/EC after the test input of the Electromagnetic Compatibility main controller Directive 2004/108/EC Antenna Built in Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, amended by Directive 98/79/EC For industrial doors only See EN13241-1 NOTE: Changes/modifications not approved by Carlo Gavazzi could void the users authority to operate the equipment. 2 Specifications are subject to change without notice (09.09.2015)

Tariff Desc

8542.3 - Electronic integrated circuits:
8542.31.00 -- Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
61 No ..Linear/analogue and peripheral integrated circuits, timers, voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters, telecommunication and modem integrated circuits, other than board level products
62 No ..Other
63 No Hybrid integrated circuits
64 No Multichip integrated circuits
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