Instrument protection and storage includes creating a safe and secure space for medical instruments and devices. This includes protecting instruments from extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture, and UV radiation. Care must also be taken to protect instruments from physical damage and chemical exposure. The storage area should be kept clean and organized and tools should be correctly stored in their designated locations. Proper labeling should also be used to keep track of them. Additionally, instruments should be carefully cleaned and inspected to ensure they are working properly and in good condition. Contingency plans should also be in place in case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances.

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    Instrument Protection and Storage PADDED CARRYING CASE
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    TE Connectivity 550
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    between Wed. 29 Mar to Tue. 04 Apr

    CHf 1.0247

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    Switch Access Push Button Switch Round Cap Loose Piece
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    TE Connectivity 0
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    CHf 6.2439

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    AccessoriesSoft CaseCarrying CaseBlack, Yellow